NovakTalks is a leading industry expert and a strong ally of inter/national fraternal organizations, but enjoys working with all types of organizations. 

NovakTalks specializes in prevention, intervention, student-focused risk management, hazing prevention, and accountability. 

Our team truly enjoys working with a diverse group of partners to create communities of care.

Please take a look at some programs we are able to offer, and contact us with any need you may have. We enjoy being able to provide customized experiences for all of our partners! 

  • Organization Remediations
  • University Conduct Process Coaching
  • Staff & Volunteer Development
  • Keynotes
  • Health & Safety Workshops
  • Organization Coaching
  • A Call to Action!

    Our Founder & CEO, Kim Novak, is still leading the industry as we address hazing on college campuses. Kim is honored to be secured by The National Center for Campus Public Security to provide a webinar, "Hazing Prevention: A Call to Action.""Join us for a research driven look at what colleges and universities should be focusing on when trying to eradicate hazing from their communities. Using data from several research sources and theory from the recent literature on hazing, Ki...  Read More...

  • Legal Issues Spotlight

    Our Founder & CEO, Kim Novak, was featured by the University of Vermont and their Legal Issues in Higher Education team on their UVM Outreach blog. Kim, a nationally recognized expert in student-focused risk management and a 2018 Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference speaker, discusses practical approaches to the complex issue of hazing and the ongoing work of her team and others. Read the full post here: Empowering Students to End Hazing on Campus.      Read More...

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